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Welcome to NNCIP, the National Network for Chronic Intractable Pain

We locate confident caring doctors in your area so you don't have to!
Don't have any insurance? We accept affordable cash payments too!
With our program, most people can see a doctor within a few days!
If approved for treatment, see the same doctor 1 to 4 times a year!

Our protocol is not complicated or difficult! Meet face to face with a qualified doctor, follow a well managed treatment plan, take charge of your health and get your life back! Many chronic and intractable pain patients are undertreated and need of a better overall solution to obtain and maintain appropriate treatment. Over the last several years, patients resorted to alternative means e.g. Online Consultation Services, ("OCS") that offer phone consultations for patients with traceable medical records. Many OCS patients were concerned about these services for many reasons. Some felt insecure about the way things are managed; others often felt taken advantage of, but all wanted dependable affordable treatment! We believe we have a solution...

The Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act of 2008 became law on Oct. 15th 2008. NNCIP is not an online pharmacy; and no medications can be ordered or obtained from NNCIP. We coordinate "in-person" appointments and provide administrative services for doctors. Doctors who join NNCIP agree to comply with the provisions of this new and important law which we believe is aimed at protecting our community by enacting stricter controls over internet prescribing practices and online pharmacies. If you see an NNCIP doctor, you will have an “in-person” visit with a doctor in your area and if required, you will receive a “valid prescription” issued in the “usual course of professional practice” by a licensed physician. After a bona fide “prescriber/patient” relationship is established, your doctor may utilize telemedicine for continued treatment. See this summary of H.R 6353.

Get treatment legally, don't take a risk!

Online consultation services and online pharmacies are going away! This is due largely to a concentrated effort by federal agencies to reduce abuse and diversion and to eliminate easy access to online prescriptions without a valid prescription issued following a “face to face” consultation!

So what do you do now? How do you get affordable treatment legally?

We believe the only solution to the problem, as mandated by the DEA’s Office of Diversion Control, begins with a face to face consultation which is now available from an NNCIP qualified doctor! Think about it for a moment… Simply stated, diagnosis means “to determine the cause or nature of your condition by medical examination”. According to the authorities this can only be done correctly - in person! Doctors simply cannot justify writing prescriptions based on “phone only” consultations unless they have already seen that same patient in person. Seeing an NNCIP doctor is the legal choice and it’s better for your health and wellbeing!

If NNCIP had a doctor who could give the care you expect, would you “be willing” to see him or her?

According to the Federation of State Medical Board's (Model Policy for the Use of Controlled Substances for the Treatment of Pain), chronic pain patients are undertreated and need a better overall solution to obtain and maintain appropriate treatment. Over the last few years, patients were forced to seek alternative means e.g. Online Consultation Services, OCS that offer phone consultations for patients with traceable medical records. A common perception still pervades the community that both primary and specialized clinicians are under significant scrutiny by the DEA concerning opioid based treatments. Our mission is to connect patients with caring confident doctors who understand the law and your need for safe, uninterrupted treatment!

Industry Regulation

Many believe that the DEA is proposing stricter regulations in an effort to reduce diversion. Although these regulations may prove to reduce diversion, they have also affected the treatment of many legitimate pain patients and do not address the underlying problem which we believe has more to do with our current health care system and insurance companies.

In most cases where patients have exhausted every alternative means of treatment and are still suffering from chronic or intractable pain and where consistent use of opioids is the last resort, patients will depend on the timely and accurate dispensation of medications to alleviate pain.

We connect patients suffering from chronic pain with doctors who really understand their concerns and their need for managed pain relief.

We are building a revolutionary national network of understanding doctors who recognize the value of opioid therapy among other multi disciplinary treatments for legitimate pain conditions. Our comprehensive network of licensed and approved physicians are available today to perform face to face consultations in a city near you. Click here to make an appointment or for more information, see the Patient Care page.

Do you have any concerns about addiction?

At NNCIP we are concerned with the welfare of any patient who is being treated with opioids. Some medications inherently create the risk of physical dependency and can become addictive if not used and managed properly. If you or someone you know has an addiction problem, there are many resources available to help you. If you're not sure, why not take the "DAST" quize? It's only 20 questions... Visit the Counseling Resource site for more information. You can also visit the link below to get help and information concerning addiction prevention and treatment referral.

National Treatment Referrals, Click here
or call 1(888)762-3750